Top Flat Earth Proof Secrets

  You can also find suspicious videos about Steven Hawking and one particular with Matt in what seems being phase make-up declaring to happen to be intentionally hit by a car, pushed by a basic-clothing police officer purposely trying to assassinate him.  

Steven William Engelhardt:  is an additional active Facebook shill who who joined IFERS as "" which is his Web-site. He also commenced a "Flat Earth Wiki" web-site and hounded me for weeks to add to it when he hadn't nonetheless contributed just about anything to it himself. He at last produced a pair paragraphs in regards to the Bedford Degree, promoted it all over Fb like it was some terrific accomplishment, then additional pleaded to acquire me and Many others to lead to his Flat Earth Wiki which I just didn't have time for, and it seemed like he failed to both by the condition of it (much like Lori's lazily produced, under no circumstances updated FlatEarthConspiracy.

Thanks alot for the data. That you are so appropriate about Mark Sergent. He would make The complete flat earth subject matter glimpse stupid. He is like Homer Simpson he appears to just get dumber and dumber as time goes on! He is un-listenable to me now. Whats with all the many several interviews he offers?

Searching through Matt's more mature videos on his channel It is distinct that such paranoid, intense, off-putting rants are Section of his schtick plus the "flat Earth" issue is much more of an apart to his other efficiency items.  His YouTube "TheNASAChannel" is far much less concerned with exposing NASA or the truth of our flat Earth and much more worried about Matt painting on naked Females's bodies, ranting about random subjects like Axe Cologne / hookers on tinder, and selling his championship-status sexual prowess.

By way of example: You need self-proving analogies & plain points to battle the takeover & your planned obsolescence. You should not "debate" you have to ridicule brazenly. Be offensive (pronounced either way you want), not defensive. As you are aware of you kindly solution all of their thoughts & they response Definitely none of yours.

I unsubbed from 'truthiracy' Once i saw his amazingly laughable attempt to debunk flat earth. I have to confess, I failed to see truthiracy for a shill prior to. Glad to know you are aware of it way too.

  I have demonstrated in my Flat Earth Conspiracy ebook further than any shadow of the doubt that planet Freemasonry has been to blame for this global deception, and a straightforward Google look for of "Judaism and Freemasonry" will fulfill any individual of The reality that earth Freemasonry is one hundred% beholden to, originating from, and preserved by planet Jewry.

Ty for telling concerning the flat earth. To start with this kind of theory i was subjected to was Lord steven christ which rightfully you expose as a shill. TY for exposing these shills so i dont really need to squander my time on them.

DianeDi +checktheevidence I certain had my eyes open by that backlink. I take back again what I said above about acquiring A lot regard to suit your needs Andrew Johnson. Despite the fact that I follow the function of Dr.

form of The entire mixing truth with blatant falsehood to discredit flat earth i guess. openly pharisee Hence the motives are evident.

I stumbled across this video currently and it just so transpires that Max took a compass on to a plane from Santiago, Chili to Sydney, Australia.

Mark Sargeant's previous identify states precisely what he is . They generally inform you who they are. I listened to his job interview with Patricia Aiken and he mentioned he has not study your reserve WOW really?

It is really awesome to understand the bad men inside the flat earth discipline, but could We've an index of The nice guys? I do think Russianvids is probably the superior men.

I'm just a woman who understood the earth wasn't spinning and decided to check if there was far more information regarding it. I found your work and many Other folks and in no way in 1,000,000 many years would I imagine the earth may be flat but the evidence was mind-boggling and it just made a great deal feeling. I understood it was the truth. I watched Mark Sargents Clues as well as proof concerning the flights while in the southern hemisphere was new. I noticed him get outed for a shill, fantastic I see it, going on. I have been watching Jerenisms movies And that i appreciated them and my partner, who is not but persuaded that the earth was flat was genuinely hunting forward to this experiment Along with the laser. I've seen that the person hasn't however put up a video With all the experiment, but has set up a video about staying accused as a shill proper right before undertaking an interview with Mark, but from an read more outsider, I thought the male had a degree about needing to pick sides and having banned for it.

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